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  Refund & Cancellation Policy  

Our policy on refund and cancellation of online donations through a payment gateway to SHRI ZALAWAD VISHA SHRIMALI STHANAKWASI JAIN SAMAJ, are as under:

  • Due to technical failure if transaction remains uncompleted and amount has been deducted from devotee’s account then he/she will get full refund after deducting reasonable facility charges. This refund is applicable only for online donation. And if receipt of donation is not generated online then trust will send him/her physical receipt on later stage.
  • We regret that as rule donations once made will not be refunded. However, SHRI ZALAWAD VISHA SHRIMALI STHANAKWASI JAIN SAMAJ reserves the right, at its discretion, to refund the donated amount in exceptional cases.
  • Final decision regarding any refund is lies with the Trust Management.
  • SHRI ZALAWAD VISHA SHRIMALI STHANAKWASI JAIN SAMAJ, welcomes any queries that the intending donor may have regarding our objects and activities.
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